Western Electric 1202A Phono Termination Plugs

Phono Termination Plugs

£98.00(£81.67 excl. VAT)

Sold in pairs, this original Western Electric component is for turntable users who wish to optimize playback performance where Moving Coil (MC) or Moving Magnet (MM) phono cartridge pickups are used.

Turntables often require an additional capacitive or resistive load in order to achieve correct frequency response. Typically, MM turntables require a more capacitive load and MC turntables require a more resistive load. Western Electric has a variety of values available to match your setup. A basic knowledge of your amplifier, turntable, and any other component affecting the audio signal chain is essential when selecting the correct plug pair.

The 1202A was developed as an add-on component for the 91E Integrated Amplifier but is compatible with amplifier gear made by other manufacturers.