Making The Music Glow – Audio Research anthology

£125.00(£104.17 excl. VAT)

Audio Research: Making the Music Glow is the story of one of the most important manufacturers in the history of high-end audio.

The company’s first 50 years are celebrated in this lavish volume, sized with the dimensions of an LP sleeve, the tale recounted in the words of those who were there: designers, engineers, and executives, with the full co-operation of Nancy Johnson, widow of founder William Zane Johnson.

Curated by hi-fi journalist and historian Ken Kessler, and beautifully presented by designer Henry Nolan, Audio Research: Making the Music Glow is profusely illustrated with archive images and newly-generated photography.

The book addresses the needs of enthusiasts and collectors through its comprehensive product listing, while long-term employees and authorities on the brand’s output have selected Audio Research’s “Top 25” models. With full factory authorization, Audio Research: Making the Music Glow is the definitive account of the hi-fi manufacturer that restored vacuum tube technology to its rightful place at the pinnacle of sound reproduction.